Sunk Eyes Succor sampler

by Old Man Creaky Bones

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released April 1, 2016



all rights reserved
Track Name: Saving The Beast For Last
All in us falls
All, falls to fear

Fall, we must
Called to dust

We fade
We rust
Our hopes
Our lusts
Give more
Give all
Give in
Give up
Track Name: Absinthe Wood Nymph
I went down to the hollow upon a porcelain horse
The other heads of the hydra were too timid to follow, of course
So reared my ugly head and bit the others off, for sure

I took a draught of the troll king's neon mead
I walked the restless dreams of un-gathered sleep
I gained a little other worldly street-cred, I think

If your eyes be windows then your lips must be the drapes
And your fingers writhe through mine like nervous snakes
But if we dance in the dark, only we can see the love we make

You're the Queen of the elves but you bend down to tie my shoes
You're the queen of the elves but you bend down to tie my shoes
You're the hang man's ax-man, you cut away my noose